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Shop with us and receive live rates easily comparable and easy to understand as they appear together. You will receive offers from a variety of companies for the same product you would be able edit coverage details enabling a personalized result. Go ahead, and buy the most suitable product online or over the phone.


Service at its Best

Reinventing customer service

We listen to understand the needs of our customers. We know that customers expect to receive solutions to their problems, especially with regard to the best insurance providers and policies. Our personnel is experienced and passionate about helping customers, which ensures that you would be able to buy insurance in a matter of a few minutes from the most reputable insurers.

Unbiased and
Useable Information

Incurence in Black & White

We pride ourselves in offering independent, impartial, and useable comparison on all kinds of insurance products. We do offer insurance, but provide facts and details of a variety of insurance plans from different companies, such that you can make your own informed decisions.

Easy and Hassle-free Comparison

Friends are important!

We provide easy and user-friendly comparisons on all aspects of insurance policies such that anyone can purchase a product to suit their needs. You do not need to be an insurance expert – simply use the information provided, and make the most appropriate insurance choice.

Life is unpredictable, Insurance can never be optional

Term Insurance

Term insurance is not just another expense. It is a cost effective solution to get an ample insurance coverage for the following needs and more. It compensate your family in case of sudden death of the insured, Covers expenses incurred on medical treatment, provides finances to pay off debts and mortgages. Overall covers the insured and the family in duress

Term Insurance
Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Given the cost, you may be tempted to ignore health insurance. Young people who feel healthy and rarely need to seek medical assistance, make the mistake of not taking medical insurance. Everyone needs health insurance. Without it, a single medical emergency could leave you bankrupt, especially if the breadwinner were sick or dies due to the illness.

Car Insurance

Car Insurance

Owning a four-wheeler today may not seem as tough. However, they are expensive and their maintenance and repairs are costly. Comprehensive car insurance will pay for damages caused to your vehicle, protects one from legal suits in case of accidents caused by you, pays for hospitalisation in case of an accident, the family of the deceased is compensated in case an accident.

Two-wheeler Insurance

Two-wheeler Insurance

Comprehensive two-wheeler insurance covers and compensates the insured against loss caused by accidents and theft – things that happen without warning. Some two-wheeler insurance policies enable the insured to get compensation for natural disasters too. Even the cost of a two-wheeler is not prohibitive the cost of losing it or paying for damages from your pocket is preventable through insurance.

Travel  Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is what people believe is not worth spending money on, and ignore it. However, taking travel insurance is a smart move since it protects travellers from travel mishaps. These could include flight cancellations, stolen or lost baggage, emergency medical treatment in another country, and accidental death or dismemberment.

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