The Indian insurance industry has seen a growing awareness among investors about the need for insurance. While insurance companies have been launching newer products, the entry of online intermediaries has meant that the consumer is suddenly confronted by a bewildering array of choices and prices.

Why the current system is failing

Ironically, when the consumer tries the online route for his insurance purchase, he still does not get what he wants. He is forced to choose among the options the intermediary provides. He is compelled to rely on information that may not be truly unbiased. This compromises on the efficiency and transparency of the purchase process. More importantly, it makes the consumer’s needs subservient to the system.

How RightPolicy gets it ‘right’

We wanted to change this. Thus was born the idea of RightPolicy. We decided to put the consumer right in the center of the process and restructure the entire experience so that he gets exactly what he wants—the right information, the right policy, and the right experience. No biased information, no mis-selling, and no hidden charges.

RightPolicy redefines Customer Centricity

In order to do this, we have devised our product recommendation engine so that the insurance buyer not only gets access to all the options in the market, but also is in full control of the process. Right from selection of the product as per his budget, to opting for various add-ons and riders as per his financial needds, RightPolicy keeps the consumer at the center of all its decision-making and product innovation.

Our policy: We have you covered!

RightPolicy has a strong customer service DNA that its equally professional team swears by, day in and day out. This is reflected in how we respond to enquiries, how we lovingly handhold buyers through the purchase process, and how we service our customers even after the purchase—be it for policy additions, renewals, or claims.

So, welcome to our world. Welcome to RightPolicy. When it comes to insurance, we have you covered!

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