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Are you having any of these misconceptions about travel insurance?

Sangita and Amit make a great couple and their peers were admiring them. Things went so smooth and their filmy love story was soon tired with marriage bonds. The couple had planned to visit Goa and they planned up everything well and headed for the vacation three weeks after the wedding.

But unfortunately, on the second day of the trip, the couple met with an accident and both Sangita and Amit suffered from serious injuries. The hospital expenses cost the young couple more than they would have ever imagined. The only thing that went wrong in the whole trip was to ignore buying travel insurance.

Indian population is not much open to buying insurances. We insure the vehicles because it has been made mandatory as per statutes; while we buy life insurances merely to bring down the taxes. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions relating to travel insurances and this write up will reveal the actual truths. Here we go-

Travel insurance is a waste of money
The first and the most common excuse that people make while ignoring to buy travel insurance is that their trip will go well. Life is uncertain and you never know when your luck stops favouring you. Travel insurance will not just cover any accidental or medical emergencies during travel; but will also include loss suffered due to flight delay, trip cancellation or interruptions, injury, loss or theft etc.

Travel insurances do not cover pre-existing medical conditions
When we buy a health insurance policy, the insurer usually mentions a wait period for the pre-existing medical conditions to be brought under the scope of claims. However, this is not so in case of travel insurances. Most of the travel insurances do cover pre-existing medical conditions with some ‘ifs’ and ‘but’ to be followed. Make it a point to clarify all the terms and clauses well with your insurer before buying the policy.

My health insurance will be adequate
If you are assuming your health insurance would be offering you a cover for international travel, think again. Only unless specified, your health insurance will compensate for any costs incurred for health related expenses overseas. Even if your health plan supports international coverage, any extension or delayed plans or a possible policy lapse while you are travelling can mean you are vulnerable to the high healthcare expenses on your trip.

Travel insurance means difficult claims
One of the biggest myths surrounding travel insurance is that it comes with a difficult claim process. Infact, travel insurance has been designed to help travellers not face any mental agony while they are away from their home. Travel insurance plans are easy to claim, provided you have all the supporting documentary evidences for your claims.

I don’t need travel insurance for a business trip
Many business travellers assume that travel insurance is not for them as they would be travelling for work. You may not be travelling for pleasure or not have plans to indulge in any adventure sports like activity but a missed flight, a loss of baggage or any possible delays can hurt you a lot more as a business traveller. With travel insurance at least you can get compensated for any unnecessary travel expenses that can make your business trip remain within budget.

Claim process is cumbersome
Many people think that claiming health insurance is easier than travel insurance. It is a myth. Travel insurance claim process is as fast as any other insurance form. Many people don’t really read the entire policy document or bear the pain of clarifying ambiguous clauses. Further, they also fail to keep the necessary documents to prove the validity of their claims. But the fact is that insurance companies can never reject your claim if it is valid and within the coverage of the policy.

Getting your travel insured is a prime step of planning for a trip. Never skip it and enjoy your trip without any worries or tensions. Be safe, happy travelling.

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