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Shriram General Insurance is the fastest growing general insurance company in India. The company focused on customer needs and serves to the largest number of common people. It insured a large segment of general insurance. It offers Car Insurance, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance, Fire Insurance, Marine Insurance, Engineering Insurance, Liability Insurance, Burglary Insurance, All risk Insurance etc. SGI has ensured strong growth and sustainability for over 3 decades. The group's vision is to "Be Insured-Rest Ensured". SGI has achieved "Excellence in Growth Award" for 2 consecutive years. SGI truly believes in customer satisfaction therefore consists the record of Nil pending complaints as on 31st March 2017.

  • Efficient management team
  • Experienced and dedicated professionals
  • Be insured- rest insured
  • Wide variety of products like Car Insurance, Health Insurance etc
  • Achieved Excellence in Growth Award
  • Efficient handling of customers

Shriram Car Insurance at a Glance
  • Cashless repair
  • Unnamed passenger cover
  • No Claim Bonus
  • Add-ons benefit
  • Personal Accident Cover

Documentation needed to apply for Shriram Car Insurance
  • Completely filled cover note / application form with contact numbers
  • Name of insured person
  • Vehicle number
  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • Identification card
  • Copy of RC
  • Copy of previous insurance ( for renewal)

Shriram Car Insurance plans at a glance
  • Car Insurance plan

Shriram Car Insurance Plans
Plan Name Benefits
Private Car Insurance Plan
  • Cashless Servicing
  • Optional add-ons like Zero Depreciation Cover, Daily Reimbursement, Return to invoice, Personal Belongings cover, Emergency Transport & Hotel Expenses Reimbursement, Key replacement etc
  • No claim bonus Up to 50%
  • Unnamed passenger cover
  • Personal accident cover is available from Rs10000/ to Rs 200000/.
  • Third Party liability
  • Property liability
  • Provides damage cover due to natural calamities such as fire explosion, self-ignition/lightning, earthquake, cyclone, landslide, flood, storm etc, or manmade calamities such as burglary, theft, riot, strike terrorist activity, malicious activity etc

Shriram Car Insurance Plan Benefits
  • Loss or Damage Cover to vehicle: It covers the damage or loss occurrence due to natural calamities like explosion, storm, fire, self-ignition, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tempest, cyclone, frost, hailstorm, rockslide, landslide etc or due to manmade calamities like theft burglary, riot, malicious act, strike, terrorist activity, accidental external means, damage in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air
  • Third party liability: Provides unlimited cover for your liability towards third party due to accidental death or injury (including death) caused by an accident due to insured vehicle.
  • Property Liability: In case of your vehicle causing “Third Party” property damage, Shriram Car Insurance Policy will offer to compensation up to Rs. 7,50,000/-.
  • Additional Features: By paying nominal additional premium, you can get these additional benefits in your policy such as:
    • Electrical & Electronic Accessories: it covers your electrical and electronic accessories like seat covers, music player, LCD mini TV, fog lights etc.
    • Bi-fuel System: it covers CNG/LPG kit in your insured vehicle.
  • Personal Accident cover: This cover secure you for yourself(as the insured), for the driver of your vehicle(paid driver) and unnamed passengers can include parents, spouse, children etc. personal accident cover is available from Rs 10,000/ to a maximum of Rs 2,00,000/- (multiples of Rs10000).
Shriram Car Insurance Add-ons:
Customer can get customized insurance as per their needs. They can opt from these smart add ons, by paying little additional premium. These options are:
  • Nil depreciation cover
  • Return to invoice (applicable for new vehicles only)
  • Emergency transport and hotel expenses reimbursement
  • Personal belongings cover
  • 100% reimbursement of car value in case of total loss of new vehicles.
  • Multi car rebate
  • Key replacement cover
  • No Claim Bonus: Shriram Car Insurance offers you up to 50% discount, even if your car is insured with any other car insurance provider.
Shriram Car Insurance has some major exclusion in the policy.
It uncovered the loss/damage to the vehicle/accessory/accessories, these are
  • Damage occurs due to the driving in influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs.
  • Accidental loss or damage due to willful negligence.
  • Normal wear and tear, general aging of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle being used contrary to limitations as to use
  • Depreciation or any consequential losses
  • Mechanical and electrical breakdown
  • Loss connected to nuclear or radioactivity or nuclear weapons
  • Damage due to nuclear risk or war
  • Policy deductibles

Claim Intimation Process for Shriram Car Insurance (Step wise)
Step Description
1: Intimate the claim to us with following details
Policy no/ proposal no
Date and time of accident
Survey location, where vehicle can be surveyed by our loss assessor
Estimated loss/depreciation
Driver name and contact no along with driving license details.
Insured contact details
2: Call at customer help desk on 1800-103-3009 to intimate claim or download the claim intimation sheet, fill it and send it send it to our help desk(chd@shriramgi.com). Our team will contact you.
3: Our customer support team will take the claims detail and will give you the claim reference no.
4: FIR to be filed in the same location where the third party injury/death/property damage has occurred.
5: Surveyor will contact you and will conduct the survey. Kindly provide required documents.
6: Contact at our CHD/surveyor when vehicle/property is ready for re-inspection if re-inspection was advised by surveyor.

Claim Service
  • We will take 24X7 claim notification service.
  • Timely customer contact and assistance.
  • Survey and assistance within a day.
  • We ensure that quality of claim settlement and customer satisfaction are best in every respect.
  • Easy claim procedure
  • Claimant can know this claim status any time from us

Shriram Car Insurance –FAQs
1. What is IDV?
The vehicles are insured at a fixed value called the Insured's Declared Value (IDV). IDV is calculated every year after adjusting depreciation against the manufacturer’s listed selling price. If the insured vehicle suffers total loss, then IDV will be compensated to the policy holder.

2. How premium is calculated?
Premium is calculated on the basis of below details:
  • Cubic capacity of engine
  • carrying capacity/gross weight of the vehicle
  • Age of the vehicle
  • Place of registration
  • Insured Declared Value (IDV)
3. How long an insurance policy is valid?
Typically, general insurance policy is valid for one year.

4. What are natural calamities?
Natural calamities are damage or loss from fire, explosion, earthquake, self-ignition, flood, typhoon, storm, tempest, hurricane, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, landslide, rockslide and frost.

5. What are man-made calamities?
Man-made calamities are damage or loss from burglary, riot, theft, malicious act, and accident by external means, terrorist activity, and any damage in transit by rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air.